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Review: Battlefield Bad Company 2: Vietnam

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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 ranks as one of my favourite games of last year with its epic 24 player multiplayer on an assortment of huge multiplayer maps to fight it out on. I was both excited and impressed by the return of Oasis and Harvest Day from the original Bad Company in the seventh map pack for Bad Company 2.

Last month saw the release of the Vietnam expansion pack for Bad Company 2 – giving gamers a plethora of new content: 5 new maps, a bunch of new weapons and some new vehicles with a different setting. Getting Vietnam seemed like a natural purchase for me. I loved Bad Company 2 – so I’m bound to love more of it, right?

First things first: I’ll give Vietnam its dues. It’s an expansion pack with high production values, rather than just being tacked on – new weapons and vehicles feel like they’d fit in to Bad Company 2 just fine, most of the usual perks are here, Destruction 2.0 is still around and there’s some nice introduction videos while you’re waiting for a level to load. This is by no means a half arsed effort.

So what’s wrong with the Vietnam pack then? Almost everything else: my main grievances come with the level design. Every map in Vietnam is plagued by other players camping in the large bushes or hiding around corners. Contrary to popular belief, being killed by some douchebag who’s hiding in a bush waiting for someone to walk past isn’t fun.

Cool hiding spot bro.

And that’s ultimately what Vietnam is: camping. After a couples of games I found myself tired and frustrated at the people playing the game. I’d even go as far as to say that camping in Call of Duty: Black Ops isn’t as rampant – and to find your shooter in that situation is a grim thing indeed. At least in Black Ops I can feel like a badass by diving through windows.

Another problem with player behaviour is that if someone isn’t camping then they’re most probably waiting in the base waiting for a Tank or a Helicopter to respawn. Waiting for the latter is of particular confusion to me because the Helicopter is simply awful.

Yes, the Helicopter has miniguns and rockets – but at most I’ve seen the Helicopter fly in the air for about 30 seconds before being shot down – if even that. The Helicopter can be taken down so easily with Light Machine Guns that it’s a totally worthless asset. Oh boy! Who wants to get in to the flying death machine?! Lots of people, apparently.

After deciding that I was done with Vietnam I decided to play some good old regular Bad Company 2 – some Rush on Harvest Day to be precise and I had a blast. Huge, wide open battlefields, fighting off what feels like an army of tanks, close, intense infantry combat. My team lost the game, but I’ll be damned if I didn’t have fun. Why spend 1200 Microsoft Points on a campers paradise when you can have much more fun out of what we’ve already got? If you’re really itching to spend some cash, then I’d instead recommend getting Monday Night Combat (Which I’ll be reviewing shortly – but rest assured it’s awesome).

What the game looks like

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in action

The verdict

Good: High production values, good value for money if you can stomach it

Bad: Camping runs rampant, vehicles are almost worthless, regular Bad Company 2 is better


Written by Pokeh

January 3, 2011 at 10:07 pm

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