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OHAI. Those of you who are here at the time of me posting this are probably here because of my shameless plugs on Twitter, which means that you were probably familiar with my old blog pokeh.wordpress.com.

As you can see, this is a totally new blog – different URL and everything because I wanted to start from a clean slate. I’ve been writing on pokeh.wordpress.com since late 2008 and, well, I’m not entirely happy with all of the content that was on there. There are a few posts that I was happy with, but more often than not I felt that my blog was just a place for me to moan and whinge at everything. It’s a bit depressing to look through it all and realise that most of it is just nonsensical ranting and raving.

I started this blog hoping to create something a bit more formal (formal being defined as a blog that isn’t just made up of rants). It’s likely that this blog will be made up of articles pertaining to video games – right now in fact there are reviews live for Scott Pilgrim vs The World, Geometry Wars 2 and Halo 3: ODST.

Over the course of time the equipment that I use has gotten a lot better – I’m now able to capture footage from video games in 720p which I’m taking advantage of with these reviews. Each review will have a selection of screenshots that I’ve taken from the game and also some 720p footage of the game that you can watch to see if the game is really for you or not.

If you’re hankering to see some other articles that I’ve written then you should check out my list of articles that I’ve written for wired.co.uk (link on the sidebar to the right).

Thanks for reading – I hope to have some new content up shortly. Comments or suggestions? Sound off in the comments box below.


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November 23, 2010 at 2:30 pm

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